My First Bad Strawberry Festival Day-3/3/13

Sunday, March 3, 2013 

Today is my first bad day at Strawberry Festival. I wish that it is not my day. Oh, God. Why is that happen? When I came to Strawberry Festival, I at first was trying to withdraw €14.95 but I picked the wrong pin over three times and now my credit card is declined. I'm really disappointed. And Cassie don't care about it. She think that it is nothing. She did not listen to my suggestion to her before ATM at festival is to take my check, withdrawal, and then give me the cash instead of loan. Interesting to see how smart she is. She play with my mind. This is not the type of friendship I want. Grr!  

The Inca Indian music
The Inca Indian man is dancing
The Inca Indians selected the attenders to come
and dance with them.
Daisy, the Cute Female Cow
The hen is eating.
The hen is satisfied.
The Senior White Rabbit
The Shopping List from the cute cow show
This is new and interesting to me. Drinking milk 
is good for your teeth and bone.

 Here is a polite complaint friendship letter to let Cassie know how I feel about what she did to me at Strawberry Festival. I hope she accept listening to this letter.